The Eclectic Hlessi

If you think this Universe is bad, you should see some of the others.Philip K. Dick

Howdy! I’m Chatranga; The Eclectic Hlessi, and the maintainer of this site.

What’s a hlessi? It’s a word in Lapine—the language of rabbits—that refers to a wandering rabbit.

You can send me mail to at this domain.

I’m a techie,

I’m an evangelist of UNIX and nixes. A proponent of simple, elegant, clean, and suck-less software.

My BitBucket account hosts most of the software I write/maintain. My older GitHub account has been repurposed for commiting packages to the Void Linux distribution.

I work as a system administrator of nix-ish systems (although I’ve been known to boot DOS on occassion). My professional summary is available here.

…and a really bad writer.

I maintain a journal to record my thoughts. Most of it is techie with the ocassional personal post.

For better or worse, I’ve decided to start creative writing again. The links will be here if I’m happy with the result.